Tired of paying hundreds of dollars for an oil change on your vehicle?  Worried about using the right oil on your German or Japanese sport sedan or high-performance model?  OilChangeKits.com was made for you.

DIY & DIR - Do It Yourself, Do It Right

OilChangeKits.com is dedicated to helping you do your own service, CORRECTLY.  This means using the CORRECT, HIGHEST QUALITY products available.   With OilChangeKits.com, you can use the absolute best quality, world class oils and filters and still save money.

Don't Pay For Junk!

What good is a $2 filter if the actual filter element is only worth 10 cents!  Just because a filter is cheap doesn't mean it is a good deal.  OilChangeKits.com specializes in partenering with the best filter manufacturers and carries their top-shelf lines.  We guarantee OE or better quality, fit and finish in all our kits.

Blaze Your Own Path

OilChangeKits.com has pre-configured oil change kits, including oil and filter, for many popular models, but you can also build your own kit piece-by-piece, by chosing the oil filter you want and the oil you want seperately.


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